FMEA: Failure mode and effect analysis

Failure mode and effect analysis

Moulds for plastic injection are extremely complex with many components that require careful design of the elements of the subassemblies. Considering that the injection process of the plastic components has many variables that require adjustment of the process parameters in accordance with the mould and injected material.


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or FMEA, is a methodology aimed at allowing us to anticipate failure during the design stage by identifying all of the possible failures in a design or manufacturing process. Using this methodology with every piece of tooling we produce not only allows us to identify defects that may lead to scrap products, but allows us to carefully test and consider options, ensuring we minimise manufacturing and production costs for our customers.

Insight & Analysis:

Why FMEA is valuable for your business

Can identify modes of failure before they happen

FMEA enables early identification of single failure points and system interface problems that can hinder success and impact safety. This is done in the pre-production phase, which eliminates costly prototypes and person-power wastages.

Guides future production


FMEA can be used to inform future production runs, as potential weak points have already been addressed, thus allowing our clients to get a new product out as fast and as reliably as possible.


FMEA can inform on potential production weaknesses

Using advanced spreadsheets and statistics, FMEA can quickly and reliably identify potential weaknesses in the product or product development cycle and eliminate these in the design process.


Core tool production, machinery for both injection and blow mould tooling

Our core service is providing outstanding and highly accurate plastic mould tooling. Whether a realised idea, or reproducing an existing design, our team have the skillset to produce moulds suitable for a variety of applications.


We are regularly required to go above and beyond a ‘standard’ mould tool, producing over-mould and co-extrusion designs with ease. Working from CAD files and putting every eventually through vigorous testing results in some of the finest tooling in the industry.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.