Autodesk MoldFlow

Moldflow improves plastic parts, compression moulds and injection mould designs

Autodesk Moldflow is an incredibly useful piece of software our design and development team have access to. The software is designed to allow our engineers to simulate the moulding process of a component, identifying any issues, weakpoints or errors without the need for a single physical element.


As part of our core service, it improves our tooling design, and drastically reduces costs/manufacturing requirements for testing certain manufacturing circumstances. Which in turn is another step in reducing project development time, getting your product or component to market as fast as possible.

Insight & Analysis:

Why Moldflow is valuable for your business

Reduces the need for costly physical prototypes

Moldflow can be used to simulate a products development, which reduces the need for multiple physical iterations. This can improve production speeds and reduce production costs.

Avoids potential manufacturing defects

Moldflow can be used to spot any potential model weaknesses. These include but are not limited to mould cooling weaknesses, mould cracks and mould imperfections.

Push innovative products to market faster

Moldflow can be used to rapidise the production curve. It allows the user to simulate production times and eliminate inefficiencies in the production cycle.

Test multiple-barrel plastic injection moulding

Analyse and evaluate the use of multiple injection locations to fill injection moulded parts. The simulation of 2 and 3 shot processes can be evaluated and optimised.




Simulate controlled valve gate opening

Achieve higher-quality surface finishes by combining controlled and sequential valve gating. Valve gate controllers are required to control the opening and closing of valve gates associated with hot runner systems. The more control you have over the valve gates, the better the appearance of the part, but the more expensive the system.

Simulate mould cooling for faster phase testing

Moldflow can be used for the analysis of complex cooling systems including conformal cooling. This can predict final component quality including aesthetic and dimensional properties, using these results the functionality is fully optimised.

Additional Capabilities Continued

  1. Project management
  2. Automation support and consultancy
  3. Gripper design
  4. Pioneering new cost effective tooling processes incorporating new engineered polymers to meet the demand for innovative applications
  5. Polymer
  6. Tolerance validation
  7. Ground breaking technological solutions

Core tool production, machinery for both injection and blow mould tooling

Our core service is providing outstanding and highly accurate plastic mould tooling. Whether a realised idea, or reproducing an existing design, our team have the skillset to produce moulds suitable for a variety of applications.


We are regularly required to go above and beyond a ‘standard’ mould tool, producing over-mould and co-extrusion designs with ease. Working from CAD files and putting every eventually through vigorous testing results in some of the finest tooling in the industry.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.