Our Production Process

Working to Specification, Budget and Timescale

Getting the planning correct is paramount to our success as a business supplying highly technical plastic moulding tooling. Working to a very clear yet stringent set of process guidelines ensures that time after time, the tooling produced is ideal for its requirement. Spending the time to get to know the requirement, its possible flaws and challenges before any form of production takes place is just the first stage of producing impeccable moulding tools.


Due to our innovative and forward thinking processes we have received a number of industry awards and accreditations. We are a full member of the GTMA and our World Class processing techniques are in-line with ISO9001 and ISO140001 accreditations.

Research & Development

We understand the sensitive nature of sharing information regarding highly specialised and innovative products; so in order to protect this confidentiality, NDA’s are implemented. Your initial meeting with our design and production team is focused on gaining insights into your requirements and general processes.


The first stage of any business we conduct is to organise a confidential fact finding meeting to allow us to fully understand your business and your requirements. Understanding that some information is highly specialised and can be industry defining, we are happy to comply to NDA’s to ensure your confidentiality is protected.


The purpose of these initial meetings is to allow our design and production team to fully understand your requirements, gain insights into your production set up as well as knowledge of your business and general processes. Once we understand your requirements we produce a detailed quotation including production processes/stages, prototyping and all the minute details unique to your tooling.

Design & Prototyping

Once an outlined specification and understanding of your requirement is achieved, our design team put their extensive knowledge of the functional and aesthetic principles of tooling and materials into action to truly guide you through the design process.


Our understanding allows us to deliver the practical solution to evermore complex production requirements; going through several stages of digital testing and prototyping, right through to our physical rapid prototyping modelling, Our design team work smarter allowing any issues to be identified during very early stages ensuring nothing but the perfect tooling reaches the manufacturing stage.


We can have an idea transformed into a solid model in as little as 5 days. Clients are kept informed at all stages ensuring the prototype takes shape exactly as required adjusting to any discoveries made during this stage.



Automation & Production Integration

Following the research and development stage our management team will deliver a meticulous specification for the tool design and prescribe the correct manufacturing route. Using a full prototyping service allows us to deliver fully working models, carefully constructed to allow us to test a variety of scenarios and applications before any production occurs. The testing process is periodically repeated to ensure exact standards are met.


Prototyping such as this allows us to ensure that the tooling produced will not only fulfil the specification for the finished component, but also that the tooling provided fits seamlessly into your production structure. We also occasionally like to think outside the box, creating solutions not thought possible, with adjustable moulds and multipart components, reducing manufacturing costs drastically. Our ability to pay attention to these details and offer comprehensive advice allows us to ensure our tooling is recognised as the best available.

Production & Quality Control

Once all testing is completed, prototypes analysed and material composition decided, our 36 strong production team is put to work. Our manufacturing centre combines our highly skilled operatives with the best information possible using the latest technology and the best equipment. This allows us to produce a multitude of reliable, durable and innovative technical plastic mould tooling.


Working this way allows us to invest in both industries and technologies, mirroring the evolution of each of our clients, allowing us to meet each challenge with them. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the mould making sector, with a commitment to excellence defined by realistic commercial boundaries.


Working to deadlines we maintain a 24/6 lights out manufacturing operation maximising efficiency and reduce lead times for our clients. Providing highly technical mould tooling for both injection and blow moulding applications ranging from 50 to 400 tonnes, facilitated by both mould and hand assembly operations, we can guarantee our tool room will deliver outstanding tooling every time.

Tool Demonstration & Hand Over

Due to the highly specialised and technical nature of the products we manufacture, a proactive after sales service is provided. Once the manufacturing process is complete, we are happy to offer tool trials and/or small production runs dependant on your requirement.


We often give full demonstrations of the finished tooling in an actual production environment, with on-site training to ensure the tool is running exactly as per specification, answering any questions or queries you may have, ensuring you have nothing but the full information that you need to make your tooling investment a success.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.