Blow Mould Tools

Design & Manufacture of Precision Blow Mould Tooling

Specialists in the development of blow moulded components, our in-house team can design and manufacture blow mould in various sizes ranging from micro parts up to approximately 75 litres, with the capacity to produce multi layered components.


Any tooling we produce always starts in our in-house research and development department, working to client specifications, limitations and specific requirements to ensure before any work commences, the tooling approach is correct for the solution.


We have experience both producing tooling from scratch through to replicating an existing model. Each tooling component is rigorously inspected on site to ensure that the final tools are perfectly suited for the application.

PET unload station

Using a variety of blow moulding methods is something we are comfortable with, regularly producing tooling for a variety of applications and materials.


Productivity, accuracy and consistency are our main concerns when producing new tooling, therefore all our moulds go through a strict machining process, and are finished by hand by a skilled team of engineers where necessary. Our tooling is most often machined from aluminium or pre-hardened tooling steel. Sometimes beryllium copper alloy or magnetic stainless steel can also be used if required for specific applications, such as higher thermal transfer or improved durability.


With any project, whether starting out just as an idea, or a fully realised solution requiring production, our team will always advise you on what would be best based on your bespoke requirements; to ensure you acquire the most cost effective and fit for purpose tooling available.

Using Blow Moulding
  • High & Low volume production
  • Uses a lower level of pressure, which means that machinery costs are lower
  • Faster turn around than Injection Moulded parts
  • High level of consistent productivity
  • Making open-ended parts that are large can be done by splitting open a closed molding.
  • Pilot runs & functional prototyping
Ideal Applications
  • Water & drink bottles
  • Shampoo & soap bottles
  • Motor oil storage
  • Appliance parts
  • Automotive body parts & trim
  • Plastic drums
  • Water butts
  • Large plastic storage tanks
  • Road barrier/fencing products
Tooling Production Capabilities
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • A machining tolerance of +/- 0.005mm with an included resin tolerance in the region of +/- 2.2%
  • P20 – a pre-toughened tool steel which gives you good longevity on most standard polymers.

Advanced Plastic Mould Tooling Options

Additional services we offer for blow mould tools, would usually be used for more complex parts. We regularly manufacture tools used for ‘co-extrusion blow molding’, a process by which a bottle or shape is blown with the bottle wall being made up of different layers of plastics. This is a process that can help achieve decorative finishes and to protect the packaged product to maintain optimum shelf life that would be either unachievable or too expensive to manufacture in a single layer blow moulding extrusion; and you can alter the flow of material so different wall thicknesses are achieved to suit the requirements. We can also ensure that any tools we design using this process can operate within one moulding cycle.


Other options for blow mould tools would be using the injection blow moulding method. In which production parts are initially made via Injection moulding and then reheated to be blown into the final component. Using this method can often result in superior visual and dimensional quality compared to a standard extrusion blow moulded part. The process is ideal for both narrow and wide-mouthed containers and produces them fully finished with no flash.

Ongoing support and invaluable services

As a highly customer service driven company, we strive to offer as many solutions in house as possible. Whether that is on-site repair or refurbishment of older tooling, right through to realisation of ideas and testing the viability of material options.


Ensuring quality is delivered across the board is critical to our customer retention, utilising the most modern and efficient methods of testing, prototyping and software allows us to produce repeatable and highly accurate components.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.