Precision Plastic Mould Tools for the Consumer & Home/Health Goods Industry

Tooling designed for tubes, cosmetic containers, bottles, sprays & nozzles, lids and branded plastics…

Consumer Home and Health goods is an industry constantly driven by evolving technologies and innovations, which can be crucial to the success of newly developed products. However these chemicals and ingredients used can mean that the plastic packaging used for the product also has to evolve and adapt, to ensure products remain safe, compliant and meet legislation requirements.


Understanding that the visual appearance of the finished moulded product can affect the success is paramount to our team when developing any new tooling for the industry. Ensuring special attention to the visual appearance as well as the tactile feel, as quality judgements can often be made when a consumer touches a product.


We are also conscious of the fact, that certain trade offs may be considered in this industry, visual, strength, durability, primary function and cost are all often discussed, our mould technicians are specialists in ensuring we adhere to the factors that are most important to your unique product.

Common Applications in the Consumer & Home/Health Goods Industry
  • Food and Drink
  • Toys
  • Electrical/Electronic
  • Housewares
  • Cosmetics
  • White Goods
  • Confectionary
Tolerances and Standards for the Consumer & Home/Health Goods Industry
  • Contact our team for your specific home/health production requirements
Typical Industry Process & Material Requirements
  • Material Research
  • Regularly used materials: ABS, ABS PC, Acrylic (medium-high impact), Epoxy (unfilled), EPDM Nylon 55% glass filled PBT (general purpose) 30% glass filled, PE high density, PE low/medium density, PBTP, Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), PET, PMMA, PS HI, PTFE
  • Large Scale Production Process
  • Adjustment Modules
  • On Site Hand Over


Robust Tooling options allowing for customisation, branding adhering to hygiene standards producing plastics suitable for cosmetics and home health goods

Here at ADM we have worked with major household brands to create various packaging products. We have worked with both personal hygiene brands and cleaning supply brands to name a few.


Our more complex packaging products include trigger spray heads, with multiple moving parts, which allow the user to set the spray type, and are durable enough for the entire product lifecycle.


We’re confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all new clients no matter the industry.