Precision Plastic Mould Tools for the Packaging Industry

Tooling designed for bottles, containers, storage buckets, spray nozzles, lids and branded plastics…

Plastic packaging is an essential for a huge variety of everyday products and services. With extremely high reproduction rates and cost saving exercises we have a team that understands the requirement for your plastic components. Whether that is understanding products with limited life cycles, packaging applications, closure designs or different wall thickness requirements.


As most packaging requirements are mass-produced we ensure we produce gold standard tooling that will stand the test of time, producing repeatable levels of accuracy time after time, even with mould wall thicknesses that are less than 0.62mm.


We specialise in working with you from bespoke design through to finished tooling on products across a wide variety of industries from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture and food. Creating unique tooling to exact client specifications.

Common Applications in the Packaging Industry
  • Bottles
  • Containers
  • Food Hygiene Storage
  • Transport Cases
  • Nozzles & Spray Components
  • Lids
  • Large Containers/Buckets
  • Branded Plastics
Tolerances and Standards for the Packaging Industry
  • Contact our team for your specific packaging production requirements
Typical Industry Process & Material Requirements
  • Material Research
  • Regularly used materials: ABS, ABS PC, Acrylic (medium-high impact), Epoxy (unfilled), EPDM Nylon 55% glass filled PBT (general purpose) 30% glass filled, PE high density, PE low/medium density, PBTP, Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), PET, PMMA, PS HI, PTFE
  • Large Scale Production Process
  • Adjustment Modules
  • On Site Hand Over

Adaptive Tooling designed with modern productivity in mind ensuring a mould tool that caters to your every need

Here at ADM we have worked with major household brands to create various packaging products. We have worked with both personal hygiene brands and cleaning supply brands to name a few.


Our more complex packaging products include trigger spray heads, with multiple moving parts, which allow the user to set the spray type, and are durable enough for the entire product lifecycle.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.