Precision Plastic Mould Tools for the Security & Defence Industry

Tooling designed for aerospace, submarines, land systems, munitions and more…

We understand that tooling for defence/security grade plastics needs to stand up to stringent durability, reliability and repeatability testing. We work in partnership with a variety of industry leading clients to ensure that we are constantly evolving our tooling technology to keep up with the endlessly changing demands and innovations.


With a regularly occurring requirement for high production, high complexity material components, our experienced tooling team work closely with our clients to develop precise components for “mission” critical applications.


We specialise in highly complex, often multi component bespoke moulded tooling, designed for a variety of applications ranging from marine, munitions, vehicles, land and air.

Common Applications in the Military Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Land
  • Sea
  • Communications
  • Security
Tolerances and Standards for the Defense Industry
  • 0.5-12μm tolerance
  • Advanced materials
  • High volume
  • Reproduction Accuracy
  • Hardness
Typical Industry Process & Material Requirements
  • Material Research
  • Standard and high tech polymer
  • Large Scale Production Process
  • Adjustment Modules
  • On Site Hand Over
  • Confidential production
  • Accredited supplier


Creating new innovations for the defence sector by questioning the ‘norm’ and improving it

Working in the American munitions sector we have partnered with a select group of companies to develop a new polymer based bullet casing. Previously it was an impossible task to replace brass and metal bullet casings but due to great advances in the possibilities with plastic materials we have been able to produce a polymer counterpart.


The newly developed polymer case tooling produces a lighter and more consistently reproducible factory ammunition than its metal counterpart, with a significant weight reduction of over 25%, as well as allowing the manufacturing process to be much cheaper in mass production.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver tooling that lives up to expectation & we strive to cement a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.